Narwal Solid Floor Cleaner Detergent cleaner for Narwal T10 and Narwal Freo X Plus Clean Vacuum&Mop Robot clean solution 1000 ml


  • Narwal’s exclusive detergent cleaner are specially formulated to reduce corrosion and prevent damage to and avoid issues with the base station, pumps, and tanks. Our detergent sheets have also been designed to cut down on foam by using fast de-foaming properties.
  • The use of other cleaners may lead to corrosion in the T10's water system, inhibiting the proper function of the unit. Frequent water overflow from the base station due to excessive amounts of foam may also occur.
  • Ingredients : Sodium dodecyl sulfate, polyvinyl alcohol, Sodium alpha-olefin Sulfonate, glycerine, deionized water, essence, tartrazine, EDTA disodium salt, Sodium polyacrylate.

We strongly recommend including Narwal’s exclusive detergent sheets when purchasing a Narwal T10 and Narwal Freo X Plus