Why Do Narwal’s Mops Look Unique?

Why Do Narwal’s Mops Look Unique?

With cleaning technology that is more advanced than ever, consumers have no lack of options when they look for their next cleaning robot. That’s why Narwal knew that when we designed our newest robot, the Narwal Freo, we had to make sure we weren’t just up-to-par, but that we stood out from the crowd.

How? By optimizing the functions that other brands don’t - our mops. The secret? The design and materials of the mops.

1. The Triangular Edge: Beyond Aesthetic Appeal

One of the most eye-catching features of Freo’s mops is their triangular mop pads. Most mopping robots on the market use circular pads, so why not Narwal? Because the circle shape has a fatal flaw: gapping. With more traditional circular mopping pads, there’s always going to be a gap between them, meaning part of the floor doesn’t get properly cleaned. We here at Narwal can’t accept that, so our design team gave Freo triangular mops which overlap slightly as they spin, making sure nothing gets missed.

2. The Center Hole: More Than Just a Design Quirk

Another design choice that sets us apart from other cleaning robots is that our mopping pads have a hole in the middle of them - but this doesn’t affect Freo’s cleaning ability at all. The center of a mopping pad always spins slowly, so it doesn’t contribute much to the final cleaning result and because Freo cleans in straight lines, the rest of the mopping pad cleans what the center misses, so your floors still get the deep clean they need. As a result, when we realized that our design wouldn’t allow us to have “hole-less” mopping pads, it didn’t matter, because we knew that Freo still mopped like a pro.

3. The Chosen Material: A Confluence of Form and Function

Good design doesn't stop at form, of course - choosing the right mop material was key too, so we chose to use a spongy cloth with many long fibers. Choosing a spongy fabric that's good at holding liquid means that Freo doesn’t run out of water quickly, meaning it can clean longer, and there’s no risk of water stains. With long fibers, Freo’s mops have a greater surface area, meaning they hold more water and have more contact with the floor, resulting in a better clean. Even better, the long individual fibers means that the mops can get into gaps and crevices that a flat mop can’t.

4. The Pristine White: A Color with Purpose

The big question some might have is why we would choose to use white of all colors. After all, everyone knows white shows stains more than any other color - but that’s exactly why we chose it. We know how important cleanliness is to our customers, so we wanted to make sure our customers could see not only the dirt Narwal was picking up, but also how clean the mop pads were after cleaning. Seeing is believing, so there’s no better way to prove Freo’s cleaning ability than making it clear to see.

5. Excellence in Every Spin

It’s obvious, then, just how much time and effort the designers and engineers here at Narwal put into the creation of Freo, especially when it's mops. It might sound simple af, but it actually took a good deal of research and testing to achieve the standards we hold ourselves to.

While we respect our competitors, we’re not here to just follow the crowd, and it’s that determination that helped us create mops that are better in both design and material. We’re truly proud of what Freo can do, and we’re confident that you’ll be pleased with what Freo’s mops can do for you and your floors.